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Wow over 400 of you filled out the survey from last week!
Not only do I truly appreciate it BUT it gave me priceless feedback on how I can better support you.
Please watch this short video for more details on what I am cooking up that is designed to help dramatically boost your business.
And if you haven’t taken the survey yet, please take 1 minute (it’s a short one)…to do so: 
Thanks and next week be on the lookout for a very special invitation to my next free webinar :)
Posted May 5, '13

In this week’s video I share a story about how I somehow found myself as one of the top experts in the personal development world.  I don’t share this one to brag…I share it because I followed a SIMPLE formula to make it happen; one that you can also follow.  So the next time I am hanging out with Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor, hopefully you will be standing next to me :-)

Oh, in the video I mention that there are still slots available in the next Epic Coach Academy group that begins in 2 weeks.

To hear all about it, click here.

Have an epic week!


Posted Apr 8, '13


In this week’s Coach’s Corner I talk about how being both excited and in fear means you are right on track!  Have a look and let me know your feedback.

Here is the link to hear the Q&A call in which I interview Joe D.  It is really good so check it out:

Have an epic week!



Posted Apr 2, '13

In this week’s Coach’s Corner I am honored to feature another one of my Epic Coach Academy clients, Paul Novello.

Paul just published his first book, Unshattered Dreams, and recently hosted a book signing in his hometown of New York City.

Check out this cool video montage of the event.

Paul I am SO proud of you for having the courage to write your story and to share it with the world.  What an EPIC accomplishment!


Have an amazing week everyone.

Posted Mar 24, '13

In this week’s Coach’s Corner I am proud to introduce you to my client, Gideon Nielsen, who has just published his first book titled Your Unique Journey. Please watch this cool promotional video he has put together.

CONGRATULATIONS Gideon and welcome to the world of being a published author!

Posted Mar 17, '13