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Yesterday I shared the clip of my interview on NBC in Chicago. ┬áHere are some of the behind the scenes photos from the studio…fun experience.

Posted May 17, '11


  • Ozzie

    HOW can I get a hold of the full interview?

  • Ozzie, look at the post before this one…it is a clip of the interview – thanks!

  • Elaine O'Connell

    I thought you lived in LA Rich?

  • Elaine I live south of LA, but I was born in Chicago.

  • Who’s the host?

  • the host is Marion Brooks.

  • Ryan Kucera

    Thanks for sharing rich.

  • Veronica Kearney

    See you at the top Rich.

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  • Nina Lawson

    This is a big step. I am thinking that your profile is now much higher than us lower class coaches :-)

  • Jason Bowling

    Go get em big guy!

  • Roberta Jo Lieberman

    Big NBC guy!

  • Nice job, you look great.