Rich German

The Coach's Corner

Watch this week’s video as I share a couple stories about Arielle Ford who has some great advice on what it takes for anyone to succeed. Have a great week everyone!


Posted Dec 2, '12


  • Great message thanks for the inspiration.
    Cheers Catherine

  • Marco Vasquez

    Hi Rich, I just saw one of your previous videos on the importance of having a business plan. Could you send me the business plan template you mention on your video? This coming year I will start doing coaching seriously (as a profession, not just a hobby, finally).. Thanks in advance.. Your material and advice are just great: smart, useful, practical, and inspiring..

  • Tom Heitz


    I thought the business & income would roll into my bank account like the waves to the beach by just thinking it:)) Seriously, It is amazing how we need to be reminded that without tangible action you get little or more times nothing. Thanks for the kick in the behind my friend.

  • Marco email us at and we will send it to you!

  • albert

    I just saw your video asking to go out of the comfort zone. Never been able to listen to you. You sounded transparent and mainly authentic. Inspiring in these times of uncertainty. congratulations and the best for you.
    Albert (BArcelona)