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In this final video of the year I talk about the year that was, that year that is coming…and most importantly about why the world needs YOU more than ever right now.

Please share your comments…specifically let me know how I can best support you in 2013!

Thank you everyone…much love to you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Here’s to your greatness!


Posted Dec 17, '12


  • Carol

    Thanks to you & Robin for all you are doing. What I need is being held accountable to always beout there helping children and making a positive difference in their lives each and every day. I try and yet sometimes the craziness makes me hold back a bit. Hugs, Carol

  • Anonymous

    Hi..Thank you for the video

    I would like to let go of my 18 year old son , who I haven’t seen following being very close as a single dad … So that he will want to see me of his on accord

  • Sheilah

    As Carol iterated above – continue to keep me accountable. You and Robin continue to provide me with the latest business technologies that include Mindset, Formula and Plan – that are the compass for my success personally and professionally. Blessings always as I continue my journey with you and the Epic Coach Academy!

  • Evie

    Amen to healing ourselves first! Let those internal lights shine brightly as we move forward. Blessings to all, especially those who have experienced loss this year. Please keep doing what you’re doing and keep sharing. I appreciate your messages. Shine on!

  • Happy new year to both you and Robin. You are both awesome. Thank for you Epic Coach Academy. I am constantly amazed at where I am now compared to where I was last year this time.

    What I need most right now is continued support and help with gaining visibility. 2013 is the year for prosperity and I’m moving into the “marketing for real phase” of my business.

    Can you believe it Rich, I have two books and a program to sell. How amazing is that! Thank you Coach, you’re the best.

  • Damser Huron

    to be able to have total faith receiving what I want; to just KNOW, with no hesitation of doubt that “it will happen” There is no family or friends that is part of my wish, it is solely for me.

  • Leonard (Len) Diana

    I am asking for your help by allowing me to get clear in my coaching business (niche, etc.), to allow me to take the steps to plan out my coaching business via EPIC classes, to allow me to be held accountable by putting my plans in motion, and for the support to succeed. I am grateful to you, Robin, and my fellow EPIC colleagues. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Tim Maciel

    I almost deleted your video, but then told myself, “What the hell. it’s only 4 1/2 minutes.” I’m glad I watched it. You are obviously sincere about doing good in the world. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals. My personal goal is to find a job that is personally satisfying. At age 63, I’m still rather mystified that I am still looking, but that’s the way it is.
    Happy New New

  • Gideon

    Thanks Rich!
    We will be in touch.

    All my very best and have a great ending and beginning of what is to come.


  • Thank you Rich for your work… Yes, the world needs people like you and Robin. For me, I want my online business success to grow… to grow so much that I can begin to assist others in more tangible ways. I get a real kick out of assisting others to be happy and healthy. Kind wishes for next year to you, Robin and your families. Love and peace, jason

  • Shikela Hampton

    I just want a companion, someone special in my life to celebrate and enjoy eachother’s accomplishments.


  • My life purpose continues to be suporting every beloved child on our planet to believe in him/herself. I KNOW that the workshops, and eventually schools, which I envision are to be a place where all children are welcome, and supported in developing their gifts and talents. I am so grateful for the start of the 501C3. Please JOIN ME in spreading the 20 UR themes around our entire world.

  • Jo Ann

    Warm hugs to those going through loss or struggling at this time. I’m presently feeling grateful for my loved ones and looking forward to next year. I would like to get books published — one e-report, one e-book, and one traditionally published book, and build coaching clients and put on a Telesummit on the topic of Entrepreneurial Success. I’ll be in touch with Rich and others for some interviews and will discuss this in the New Year. Thanks to everyone for their own sharing and Rich and Robin for the good experiences with Epic. Happy New Year!

  • Rev. Wayne Carey

    Thank you! for being in touch with me. I work with youth and family in the Bahamas. My organization is called Family Empowerment Youth Mentoring Organization. I need your help in Purchasing a bus to transport the children on fields trip. I am also looking to purchase a youth and community center to assist boys and girls with home work and counseling. Thanks for your assistant in advance.

  • Loved the video Rich. To ease suffering has always been my goal in life as a nurse, and you and my fellow coach’s in your Epic Coach pilot group helped me to see a new way of doing that through my business. Many thanks to you and Robin for all that you do to spread the word and spawn new lifestyles that create change for coaches, as well as for those who lives they go out and touch. You’re making a difference. Here’s to an Epic new year, and a new world for us all!

  • Hi Rich , this year I really want to get clear on what my niche/target market is, where I can do what I do best, and to get enough paying clients to be financially independent!

  • Brigitte Forrey

    There is purpose in our pain. It makes any difficutly we endure, valueable and even worthwhile, if we consider that we can then take that situation and express compassion and give support where we would never have been able to, had we not experienced it first hand. So many people think that they are uniquely going through their circumstances and to take away their sense of isolation and often times desperation and replace it with hope as we stand as examples of overcoming and thriving despite the difficulties is the most gratifying and purposeful part of living. We breath life and can literally save lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally and in the process often save our own! Loved your message Rich. Technology and organziging my material to put into writing and audio form is what’s holding me back right now. Determined to get it together by the end of this week! Thanks for asking and thanks for all that you inspire within myself. You make it alll seem not only possible, but probable!

  • Charlene

    Thank-you Rich and Robin for being the great authentic people you are. It’s so nice to be connected to such an amazing team.
    For me, I REALLY need to be get accountable. I always have great ideas but I need to have a plan in place, and implement it and start making some money sooner than later. thank-you!

  • Dimitris

    Dear Rich
    Thank you for this video. Even my english is not good i would like to express my deeply love and compassion to the families of the children. i can;t find out why these things happen….. i am from Greece . Even my situation is not well regarding my financies i would like to have your mental support how i can change my thoughts in order to feel more good and relax of all my pain due to my problems.. I am trying every day since one year now but my job is completly stop. Sorry to bother you with my problems but it is first time in my life contacting with someone via internet to express my feelings. thank you again Dimitris

  • Lenochka

    Dear Rich!
    Thank you for your wisdom, presence, service and speaking direcrtly to my Heart!
    I am a Healer, i am blessed with gift of forgiveness with my mother, i celebrate my compassionate forgiving heart
    I celebrate the gift of inner peace and trust in time when i am not working second year
    I am transitioning from my identity from my pain to bliss and magnificence
    Inface huge chalenges of procrastination, being stuck, clutter, knowing what to do and. It doing it
    So i would appreciate tips on great acceptance of all of me with deep love and understanding
    Learning tools how to swith focus of atention from unworthiness and whats smwrong to me to deeper greatness of me
    How do want to medtate and dooing it
    How to face and feel emotions with debts of gratitute. Ot to run from them
    How to celebrate all of me
    How to accept others with where they are ot trying to fix them but love them and learning tools of coaching they can get answer for themself
    How to move from small appartment to spacious mountain house and start to do retreat
    How to leave from the Heart
    Bow to love unconditionally
    Operate from Divine consciosness instead poor me ( egoconsciosness)
    Hope you had fun reading that, Rich
    Happy New Year
    How to help others without betraying myself

  • Lenochka

    Hi, Rich!
    Thank you for who you are and your message, spoke directly to my heart!
    I have great gifts of healing, teaching acceptance lovr and forgiveness
    Would love to deepen in my connection with Divine and live from joy of that belonging
    Feel my emotions, respect them and not RUN from them
    Love all of me
    Notice judjments and hatred asap and deal with on a spot, transform them
    Feel more
    Build heartcentered community
    Move from appt to house on a top and create my ” feeling” center
    Be focused, clear, balanced, organised, disciplined
    Learn technics to refocused fro ego counsciousness to Essence consciousness
    Live in harmony with all of me( integration and wholeness
    Loving relationships
    Atteact right clients who tuned in , recieving anx appreciativd of my work
    Live in finantial freedom
    Allow myself to dream big and get what i truly want not what i can affor
    Live fearlessly
    Live from ghe Heart and have a great connection go it
    Thanks , Rich
    Hope you had fun reading it , i wish you great to weeks deepening relaxation, playfullness, silliness and JOY
    LOOOOVE Lenochka

  • Love Lyoussi

    Hi Rich, Thank you for the message. An amazing personal transformation happened in the days and weeks after hurricane Sandy changed our daily routines, and the way we see New York. I realized, I need to focus more on letting go of self critical expectations in my own journey, and allow the process to happen. Process of change, growth, and individual evolution is… more often than not confusing and full of riddles. I’ll admit, I was frustrated, even though I knew I should trust. Similar to what you said, I truly believe that when we find that place in self to simply trust, not allowing fear in that leads to irrational thoughts and behavior, it can serve as the gateway of tolerance to lift consciousness and prevent further tragedies. I’d love to trust the process of everything more in 2013! My path in career, creative, philanthropic pursuits… I hope learning to trust sincerely from deep in my heart will solidify the manifestation! All my blessings to you, Robin, and family.

  • Anonymous

    Hola Rich, me ha gustado mucho tus videos de coachin ,

  • Dear Rich,

    Thank you for sending the video, cratulations on meeting the goals……I have been learning and living by the law of attraction for a few years now. A real joy and continues to unfold my ambitions. The gift I pass on, is coaching drawing……drawing is thinking…it reflects our understanding, what people observe and how we can throw away limitations. It is very powerful. I look forward to coaching workshops in schools…..internationally. Pam

  • Thanks for all great comments everyone!

  • mat



  • This is a good start on awakening the consciousness of people around the globe. Thank you for doing this video. It all begins with the fact that we are God’s children as explained by Jesus and we are responsible for one another. “Love one another”.
    I need help to spread the true meaning of “Love”

  • Hi Rich,
    Such a beautiful message. Your newsletters are a big support to me. And thanks for the book “Monetize Your Passion.”
    Shankar, India