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The Coach's Corner

As a solopreneur there are three phases your business goes through.  In this week’s video I discuss the phases.  Have a look.  

Which phase are you in and what will it take to get to the next one?

Have an epic week!


Posted Jan 13, '13


  • Hey Rich,

    I finally took some time to listen to your videos and wanted to let you know that I find myself feeling more motivated to achieve. I especially like your thoughts about less is more. I need to bring 5 clients to my coaching business this year and I believe that I have to have a plan to make it happen. Guess I am curious about how you plan to incorporate this philosophy with what you are currently doing. I’m thinking a speaking engagement might work for me, but, I’m not sure what else. Is that something you’d recommend to target people? I guess you recognize from my email, that I am still in phase 1!

    I just wanted to thank you for the ideas on your videos. Very cool. I have been just writing thoughts on my blog and you made me realize I need to structure it better. If I can get 5 more clients, than maybe I can hire you to get me to phase 2.

    Thanks for the insight.

    All the best,

    Michelle L. Wuyak, B.S.
    Professional Coach

  • Carol

    Coaches, please listen to what Rich has to say.It works and I actaully have more clients than was my goal. His process is simple and fun!