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In this week’s video I discuss what I feel are the 5 most important words you can use to grow your business.  These 5 words, which are actually a question, have been my secret to building a huge audience and becoming recognized as one of the top experts in my niche.  I highly recommend you use these words about 1000 times this year!  I am not kidding.

Have a look!

And have an epic week…Rich

Posted Jan 18, '13


  • I’ve been using those words ever since you suggested them to me. And I’m here to say they really, really work. People are so blown away when I say that to them and I love their reactions. Makes me feel great.

    Thanks for sharing what works for you Rich. I’m forever grateful to be able to work with you.

  • Thanks for reminding us of this Rich. They are important words and once I make contact it’s not hard to utter them – it’s the making contact part that’s not so easy for me. But, with you hammering us repeatedly I might be able to get in gear :-).
    thanks as usual.

  • Great info Rich. I think we need also to focus on HOW we would like the people we contact, to support us. With that clarity we will be better placed to take onboard what they say and put into action the next steps…. don’t you think? oh and the sun looks great – it’s cold and hveay snow here in London. Cheers

  • My 2013 goal is to help 100,000 people reach their goal. By adding the tag line, How can I support you? really sends the message that you do want to help. Love it!

  • Thanks Rich. Great information! I find it easy to ask people how I can support them but much harder to know how to respond when someone asks me how they can support me. What are some ways you ask people to support you?