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Hey everyone!

In this week’s video I discuss another very important question.  It is one that I am asking YOU, so please give me your answers.  And it is also a question to ask your audiences.

Watch the video…leave your comments…and have an epic week!



Posted Jan 27, '13


  • I think what I need is to know where my ideal clients hang out. (They are a pretty independently minded lot.)

  • Sandi Seegert

    I actually found that the sound of the waves was very relaxing, almost mesmerizing! I heard you loud and clear. Thanks, Rich!

  • carolyn vincent

    I need the confidence in my own ability to start my own coaching business. I need help with all the online stuff as well.

  • Hi Rich,
    Great video, thank you. I need paying clients and income so I can create some breathing space to build my business. I do a lot of “strategy sessions” and don’t get the client so something is not connecting. I need loads of help and money to pay for it I guess. Namaste.

  • Timothy

    need to find honest business coaching to learn from

  • Pat Munoz

    I need to get back and focus on my real estate business. I need listings.. Not buyers.. Listings! I made a six figure income last year just negotiating short sales for other agents. This is drying up big time.. I need to get back to work Rich!! I am scattered!!

  • Ron Lear

    Thanks, I need that. Yes I need t omake more money. I also need to take care my health, diet, and fitness. I love GOD and need to clear the clouds to PRAISE HIM.

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    This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing, like always.

  • Anonymous

    I want to help people in balancing their lives. I want to be a life coach. Regards anjuli

  • James Bargeron

    The biggest thing is getting an audience to actually share the information with.

  • Daniel

    Hi Rich, the background is little loud but you were clear, i think watching and listening is better than reading a long post..
    Thanks to share.

    -Daniel H