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Please watch this intimate video as I share the story of my grandfather’s passing and the final words of love he expressed to my grandma.

Thank you everyone!  I feel so grateful to get to share personal stuff like this with you.

Have a beautiful week.


Posted Feb 24, '13


  • Jana

    Rich, thanks for sharing your intimate story… what I really appreciate and like about you is your authenticity in all things you are doing….(and the beach behind you also:))

    Have a beautiful day filled with your selfexpression adn selfcare :)

  • Great story Rich and such a poignant message for all of us, no matter what our field but especially important to coaches.

    This is why every year I have some sort of “Gratitude Month” on my blog – this year it’s honoring a person a day – a person who has inspired me to give them “public” recognition. But I also write in my gratitude journal every day because we all know that gratitude is the most powerful force in the Universe and works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction.

    I know I am grateful for you and your Epic coach’s academy and know that you were drawn into my life for a reason and it’s stories like this that cement that theory firmly in my brain.

    Thanks again for everything and for sharing this.


  • soli goodes

    really felt the love as you shared about your grandparents, got the throat lump and watery eyes :) My sister Skye who recently passed was a little bit the same, she never really was able to fully express herself, she’s certainly my inspiration to make sure I do. Love your work xxx

  • Marion

    Hi Rich, thank you so much for sharing this intimite moment of your grandparents with us. It reminds me of very intimate moments full of love with my grandma, facing her approaching death. She was born on Feb. 24th, so it is her birthday today, thanks so much for this video – I fell so connected with my grandma (who died in 2001) and her love for me, it is very touching.



  • Karl

    Thank You Rich for re-reminding me to make the most of life and live in the moment. Expression is a gift we can all do more to share. Thank you.

  • K. Ogden Grier

    Your story had only one extraordinary feature, for me. That is why I had to comment and express encouragement and thanks. I’m a publc High School educator and I recently went to work on “dress down” Friday in overalls. While attending a “Black History” luncheon, and hearing Mt. Vernon Mayor Ernest D. Davis speak I got a quizzical look from my Principal. I told her I was honoring the memory of both my grandfathers,[ Benjamin Hill Threadcraft(Ga.) and James Grier,Sr.(SC)]
    who were master carpenters (RIP). You are indeed blessed, because I never met or even knew any of my grandparents. Your message reminded me about my tremendous loss and gratitude that I still have their spirit inside me. Amen

  • Annie

    Beautiful setting, beautiful message. 10am here in UK.
    It has set me up for the day.Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.

  • Lebo

    wonderful words. Thanks for reminding us that.

  • Debbie

    Thanks for sharing Rich…:-)

  • Kimberly

    This is what I would want to say the moment I leave this world: “thank you for letting me love you.” And rather than wait I think I’d say it everyday. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME LOVE YOU

  • Vickie

    Thank you Rich for being real!

  • Rich, thank you for sharing your story it stirs up a lot of memories for me. Instead of my grandfather it was my wife of 30 years. I missed her passing by 10 minutes. And yes I too am the luckiest person alive for having her in my life.

    To all of you out there remember these words, “There is a last time for everything” Tell your wife (or husband) significant other you love them more often. And especially tell them today because they might be gone tomorrow. There is a last time for everything.

  • Charlene

    Thank you Rich for your heartfelt message. While my husband and I were on holidays in Hawaii our nephew lost his wife suddenly from small cell cancer. She was diagnosed and died in 3 days.It was such a shock. No warning, or indication so it made me realize how life is so precious and to express your love everyday. Thanks again!

  • Eugena

    Hi Rich, you surely have a God-given talent. I pray you will continue to use it (to His divine glory). Sharing is a big part of coaching. Your story is very encouraging and I thank you for sharing it. The beach and the waves are a soothing enviornment to be with especially when you are only surrounded by your thoughts. You have inspired me immensely. Blessings.

  • Anonymous

    A beautiful heart touching story Rich. I really resonated with this as a child growing up afraid to speak my feelings, thoughts, ideas for fear of what might happen, as I witnessed what happened to others in my family when they did.
    Through a journey I could write a book about, I found my AUTHENTIC VOICE and am ready to share it with the world so others may be inspired to see their light, remember their gifts and tools they brought here to serve the planet for a higher purpose…… and so it grows……
    From the multidimensional rose in my Heart I radiate Sacred Fire Love to you and all that you do to guide others on their soul’s journey leading them to their purpose!!! Have a magical day!!! If you like, Rich I can connect with your Grandfather and ask if he has a message for you.

  • Jill Humphreys

    Hi Rich

    When I lost my mum last November..the thought entered my head that now my mother has gone I,m the only one left. My mother used to often say that when she passed I would be alone..but thanks to god and some wonderment he had planned for me I was blessed with a son. I was very lucky to be with my Mother the day she was a rainy Sunday and I had an early call to say she was failing.. I had expected it, as our last conversation she told me it was the end. I held her and kissed her and gave her healing, it was so special and she passed without any assistance from drugs. I was very blessed to have these final hours with her…just to hold her near..and feel close to the the woman who gave me life. Life is short and we should take all opportunities we can to grow and evolve into the people we so want to be. I for one am so grateful I took the path of a coach. Its rewarding beyond means when people ask for your help in changing their lives. I will now sing my heart song loud and proud and let the world know I,am here for all those who need guidance and direction along their paths. I can honestly say that your video resonates so much with me at the moment and will continue to do so. Take care and blessings to you and Robin. A big thank you for being in my life and an even bigger thank you to Bob Doyle..the next time you speak to him thank him for bringing you into my life ..when I told you on that webinar ..whoop whoop Rich I love you ..I so meant it..:) X

  • THANK YOU for all the beautiful comments everyone :-)

  • Gabby

    Rich, I was touched by your inspiring story.
    What a beautiful life lesson to learn!

    Keep up the good work. KUDOS!

  • Rich, I have been reading your material for a long time and have to say that this is one of the best messages from you I can think of. You know what to say and how to say it 24/7/365. My best to you and your family always.

  • Glenna Cottrell

    Hi Rich,
    Thank you for sharing Your Grandfather’s last words.I am sure it made your Grandmother feel good.
    Life is so short and we never know from one minute to the next when our time is up.We should tell our loved ones how much we love them every day and always give them hugs
    whenever we can.
    God bless you and yours,

  • sodabeh

    thank you very much,I love it, it’ a important lesson to remember ” how love each other and life is too short”
    best wishes and love

  • loving these comments everybody…keep ’em coming!